First Tech Credit Union

First Tech Credit Union, founded in 1952, is a true pioneer in banking and their innovations have become legendary: inventing online banking, pioneering wireless banking, and more. Today, First Tech Credit Union has over 156,000 members and when paired with the OTS network of credit unions their online banking system covers more than 750,000 customers nation wide.


From the beginning, it was clear this was going to be a large-scale project with a lot of technical complexities that would need to be addressed. Blue Flavor was hired to create the information architecture, design, and to develop a prototype which would demonstrate the integration of all of the various systems and services First Tech Credit Union was looking to implement. We would then test the prototype with various online banking users and make minor refinements where needed. A fifth vendor, Open Technology Solutions (OTS), would be handling the final technical implementation of the system.

The over-arching goals of the project were clear: First Tech Credit Union needed to take a complex series of systems and integrate them into one experience that was simple enough that the average online banking customer could complete any task needed with ease. They also wanted to provide a way for more technically savvy users to access some of the more advanced features without sacrificing simplicity that novice users appreciate. In short, they wanted to wrest simplicity out of complexity, without sacrificing advanced functionality.


In the end, OTS was really happy with the results and pleased with Blue Flavor/Blink’s ability to tackle this complex of a project on a relatively short timeline. We think we produced a simple yet powerful user experience that both novice and advanced customers could use with ease. We’re hoping the new system we helped design will take online banking to the next level and provide a great user experience for all the 750,000 customers.

Our project was on an extremely tight timeline from the onset. The entire Blink team worked diligently (sometimes nights and weekends) to complete each task on time. What more, they focused on the quality of the final product instead of a set of stated “deliverables”. Great job guys!
Joey Rudisill, CIO, First Tech Credit Union