Mithun Architecture

Mithun is a Seattle-based team of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban planners and scientists working to inspire a sustainable world through leadership, innovation, and integrated design.


Mithun came to Blink looking for a full redesign and build out of their site and a mobile site. Blink has great respect for their work, so we were excited when they signed. Agency-to-agency work is known for being tricky. The worst case scenario involves agencies failing to communicate peacefully, egos unleashed, expensive pens being busted on moleskin notepads, the whole bit. Luckily, working with Mithun was awesome -nothing like the stereotype.


This project is a long time in the making, and we can proudly say we’re happy with the results. The sites function beautifully and look just how Mithun wanted them to. Most importantly, working with Curt, Mahalie, and the rest of Mithun’s team was a great experience.

We are very detail-oriented at Mithun. We pride ourselves on delivering a product beyond the expectations of our client. Blink obviously shares this same philosophy. We were never disappointed. They were constantly in touch and highly organized. The speed at which they could deliver an answer or solution left us relaxed and confident.
–Curt Pilier, Associate Principle & Director of Brand, Mithun