The Omni Group

The Omni Group is an elite team of special forces who develop productivity applications exclusively for Mac OSX, iPhone, and iPad. They’re known for their awesome software, gold-standard customer support, and palpable geekery.


The biggest challenge we faced with the Omni Group redesign project was that we would be changing their website for the first time since 2003. Even though they had made small design based changes over the years, there had never been a major redesign. This would be the first redesign done by an outside agency. The biggest part of the equation was that most of their customers were pretty familiar with their existing site and where everything was. The major redesign meant everything could potentially change, nothing was sacred. Blink’s challenge was to make the necessary changes to improve the ease of use, structure, and design of the site without shocking their existing customers with such a dramatic change.


You know when something good happens and everything just falls in place like peanut butter and jelly? This is one of those times. After a lot of hard work by the team here at Blink and all the great folks at Omni Group we are happy to see the new design now live. While some of Omni’s existing customers did experience a bit of shock, after using the site for a short bit it was clear the experience was much better and everything was easier to find. Since the launch traffic, page views, and overall time on site have been up, and bounce rate has been down.

“Our main goal was to re-engineer the site so that even us non-technical folks could update it, and if you’re interested in the behind the scenes stuff, it’s running on Expression Engine. The secondary goal was to spruce up the content and make everything, you know, shinier. A big public thank you needs to go out to our graphics guru, Grayson West, and web-ninjas-for-hire, Blink, for working through endless revisions and not throttling anyone during the process.”
– Linda Sharps, Marketing Communications, Omni Group